5 thoughts on “On watching turkey buzzards

  1. Lovely. Not linear, point to point. Love this.
    My father and I paddled at Clearwater Lake last weekend, and we saw eleven turkey buzzards sitting in the sand on the swimming beach. The reddish sand and their dark brown feathers–it was otherworldly and bizarre. And wonderful. I recently found a baby turkey buzzard in an old abandoned barn on the farm. It took me a moment to identify it, because it was snow white. And then it hissed at me and hopped away. Their hissing is intimidating!

    • What a wonderful experience – we have them ride the thermals over our cove – our small dog will chase their shadows. I love to see them early in the morning – holding their wings to the warming morning sun. Thanks as always for your kind comments – smiles – K

  2. I LOVE “rising like the thermals on the wings of large dark birds.” One morning, early, near dawn, I leaned out my open window in Tofino and watched two eagles drifting on the thermals, spiraling up and down effortlessly, just drifting……a scene engraved in my mind forever.

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