lullabies of rain

Mists envelope the dark roads
across the Ozarks ridge tonight,
where the moisture hangs heavy in the treetops.

We open the windows to the thick rain drenched air-
our cotton sheets feel damp
and cool,
the scent of mists and clouds fill the room.

Sounds carry across the water on nights like this,
snatches of laughter and song,
distant galaxies beyond the cove.

We listen-
lulled into slumber by the sounds of night
and the lullabies of rain
and small trilling frogs.

26 thoughts on “lullabies of rain

  1. Lullabies of rain to be accompanied by what nature offers can be most mesmerizing. One can feel the tranquility of a peaceful day! Great lines kathleen!


  2. “and the lullabies of rain / and small trilling frogs.”…..a piece of dream for me now as we are being steamed and boiled in our part of the world….

  3. Lullaby of the sounds of the night… we get so used to specific night sounds around us… in a new place, the night has different voices and can keep us awake!

  4. I wish I cold appreciate the rain better. I know we need it but find no pleasure in it. Maybe because I have always lived in places that receive lots of rain.

  5. Rain is the lifeblood of the planet, & yet the flash floods in the southwest, a foot of rain in a an hours, hundreds of homes destroyed; monsoon-strength rainy fury seems to be the antithesis of the gentle dripping & pounding of the precipitation within your poetics. Nice, tranquil, serenading. I like the line /the scent of mists & clouds fill the room/, for rain-soaked environments give up their olfactory souls.

  6. Sound does indeed travel on nights like this. I love the sound of the rain falling and from the distant, the faint sound of the train making its way to me. Such a lovely and peaceful bit of everyday this is!

  7. I love the ‘everyday’ sights and sounds and smells you presented us with here! There is no more peaceful way to go off to sleep than to listen to a gentle rain!

  8. The night sounds. Very different in the city, but still a lullaby. And growing up I was by the train tracks, and listened to their lullaby. But I have heard the lullaby of those places in nature, across a pond or in a hollow. Enough to know you are not alone. But still there is peace.

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