2 am

Golden moonlight  Jan 2014

Waking to the sound,
I know we are being robbed again.

Grabbing the flashlight, I race down the stairs
and onto the porch.
Shining the light into the night,
3 pairs of backlit red eyes
stare at me from the birdfeeder.

Damn raccoons!

2am masked marauders
stuffing their smiling mouths with all my sunflower seed.
They chitter and hiss as I clap my hands,
shooing them back into the waiting woods.

I switch off the light-
the dark enfolds me.

Its warm.

A still night with the cool air rising from the lake.

I can smell the water
and hear the stars sighing.

Closing the door,
I walk up the stairs
to the waiting warmth of a snoring husband
and the small dog nestled between us.

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