sturm and drang

How can stillness move so fast
or the speed of a thing
retain its calm center?
I stand,
still as a held breath,
my body flying at 800 miles per hour
and yet the surface of the coffee in my mug
shows not a ripple.

Shadows of your thoughts
darken the room even before you enter it-
pushing all light away from you
or possibly
the gravitational force of your temper
sucks it in like the black holes
created in the brilliant light of an exploding star.

All this sturm and drang.

Its just space and time,
the universal quandary of quantum physics
of how to get along.

7 thoughts on “sturm and drang

  1. Ah, good writing that this immediately evoked my life with teenagers…love the ending rhyme, by the way, and that feeling of step-back-and-breathe-this-is-life. 🙂

  2. “Strum and drang” was a new phrase to me…your poem describes it brilliantly. (I have also sat in that room.) The final two lines sum it all up!

  3. I love your phrase how the shadows of our thoughts darken a room before we even get there. I think it’s true. Sometimes it’s good, but if it’s darkening the room, not so much. A good reminder to be careful how our thoughts can affect what’s around us.


  4. I somehow see you on a train, going fast, and love that the coffee is still in the cup………then I see a room clouded by someone’s misery, which is darkening the energy all around,. A state I am familiar with. Good to see you writing, my friend………hang onto that calm center and I will try to do the same, LOL.

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