night fall

twilight April 2015

Plaiting her hair
with honeysuckle and sweet grass,
under her breath,
she hums dusk’s lullabies
to the moon and stars.

The worlds edges slowly soften
as the night’s perfume rises
scented with cedar
and evening mists.

Twilight gathers herself,
wrapping the skys shoulders
in her second best shawl
filled with stars.

6 thoughts on “night fall

  1. So much pleasure to read and reread your thoughts, words and heartfelt descriptions this morning. A gray rain washed dawn here in Quincy, the closing of May, the awaiting of June and celebration of a wedding at the County Club , and the excitement of two dear friends making a journey back in time in Paris in about ten days ! What more could a 85 plus grandmother, transplanted from God’s country ( southeastern Missouri ) ask for ?
    I loved the quote of “honeysuckeded bird songs “. I could heard and smell and vision, thank you ,Steve, so very much. It was a perfect start to my day!
    God bless! Ann Ruth Pemberton

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