listening to the rain on a spring day

october rain

rain clings to the fragrant cedar boughs
crystalline spheres
sparkle with lightning
percussion of rain
on the metal roof
Spring’s syncopated beat
deep pewter skies
dissolve into tarnished silver
rain on the water
clouds sit on my windowsill
waiting for me
to gossip about the rain

8 thoughts on “listening to the rain on a spring day

  1. So wonderful, Kathleen. There are clouds sitting on the mountains surrounding our desert, but they just can’t seem to make it over to us.

    You are so thoughtful to “drop in.” I hope to post something today on one of my sites. It’s been a challenging week but all is well. Thank you for your support.

  2. this is so beautiful/today raining where I live n poem fits perfect for me/luv to listen to rain n after the showers/all smell so fresh n clean/luv this one very much

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