An April Afternoon in the Garden

April garden 7 2015

April garden 8 2015

A beautiful afternoon is always more beautiful in an April garden. The columbines are putting on a colorful display in such wonderful combinations. A blue is blooming, lots of mauve and lavender, a few frilly white blooms and many double blossoms again this year. Our favorite is a small salmon and yellow bloom on a tall slender plant- a wild columbine from seeds we harvested on a walk a few years ago.

April garden 2 2015

My large hosta, for some reason, (probably chipmunks!) has not returned. I dug where the roots should be and no sign at all. That may be one purchase I will make this year – a few hostas to fill in the center of the garden.

April garden 6 2015

Our baby dogwoods are growing with abandon – and we had 18 blooms across the three largest trees this year! Yea! We will move a few of the trees out into the yard this fall. And the two redbuds will be moved to flank the western edge of the garden.

April garden 2015

Big fat bumblebees were very busy working across the garden and making their acquaintance with each bloom.

buzy bee

This weekend, we will head to the garden center for lots of flowers and plants to fill the pots for the patio. Then all that is left to do is enjoy the beauty. And water and fertilize and deadhead and weed and weed and weed.

Green is the color of April-
pale green of tender shoots,
deeper shade across the heart shaped leaves,
sprinkled with petals of all flowers
on the path of the dancing honey bee.

16 thoughts on “An April Afternoon in the Garden

  1. Here in WA state, many folks are planting, but my wife is wise, for cold nights still haunt us; another week or so, before the 7 tomato plants & hanging baskets find their soil.

    • We can still have cold nights and I have seen a snow in early May here in the Ozarks. But most plants in my garden are of hardy stock and can take a little cold weather. I won’t put out tender souls until later in May. Thanks for stopping by my garden, Glenn – smiles K

  2. So lovely. I admire the natural and fulsome look of your garden very much. This was a treat. I imagine you have chairs at some point in the thick of it, so you can sit out and bask in the beauty. I normally have container gardens all across my porch railing – so far nothing, not sure if I will plant. If I do, it wont be much. A first for me. I am tired. Maybe I will treat myself to two enormous hanging planters and call it a day. That would work.

    • I do like a garden that kind of develops it own identity – so many of the flowers are from plants reseeding -they all just show up where ever they are comfortable – it sometimes makes Bob crazy – he like a nice tidy garden in straight lines and everyone acting like grownups – but he indulges me and lets me plant and dig and play. And yes, I do sit on the stone bench and just watch the bees do their thing – BLISS!

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