A Theorem to Consider

Early Spring morning storm clouds

The geometry of space expands with the rain-
seems counter-intuitive
but true, none the less.
This is the theorem to consider:
heavy pewter clouds curve across the sky’s canvas,
reflecting into the hammered silver of the lake’s topology;
a planed landscape
sparkles with crystal spherical raindrops;
the equation of the breeze, soft as birds wings,
scented with cedar and sweet peas;
a wren singing her fractal song
of seasons green and watery,
extending a line to the horizon;
angled proof of lightning
in the symmetry of thunderstorms.

7 thoughts on “A Theorem to Consider

  1. this is so beautiful/luv to hear rain fall/watch lightning light up the sky/words n this today almost made me crt/luv ur site n share with all my friends to enjoy as much as I do

  2. This is a very cool idea – the application of math to nature….I especially love “the lake’s topology a planed landscape”. Nothing like watching the weather changes on a body of water. Sigh.

  3. truly amazing that we should both #independently write poems about “rain” and “mathematics.” (mine is “Prayer for Rain”). truth is, i think i like yours better.

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