For my brother, John

Crescent Moon and Venus 8-2012

For My Brother, John

In the pale light of the crescent moon,
I wait-
thinking of our childhood.
How you look like our father,
but not really.
You always have just looked like yourself.
I have a sister’s pride and sadness-
your life of pagentry and bluegrass,
dealing with problems of philosophy and letters-
how did you get to be such a man?
But really you were this man
from the time you were born.

-I have no memory of that –

Our brother – the triad of our siblinghood-
our brother’s birth is etched on my memory
in the scent of carnations
and the color of sunsets.

But not you.
You were always a part of me-
a precious conundrum.

And so I wait
in the half light of the crescent moon.
Waiting for your headlights to stream down the ridge,
for you to be here
as you always have been-

I wait.

*** This is a poem written several years ago while waiting for my younger brother to arrive. It has been revised for the dVerse prompt for today to write of brothers or brotherhood.
I have two younger brothers. I was 16 months old when John was born and Frank was born 18 months after that. We have been and remain close.
I am blessed to have these two remarkable men in my life.

20 thoughts on “For my brother, John

  1. It’s wonderful to have that close familial bond. My 3 sisters, although older than me (my youngest sister is 6 years older than me), we have a close family relationship. Truly a blessing!

  2. I love the personal share Kathleen ~ And that is how it is with siblings, we wait for our brother/s~ Specially admire this part:

    But not you.
    You were always a part of me-
    a precious conundrum.

  3. This one of my favorites encountered today, out on the dVerse trail. How fortunate that you have a close relationship with both brothers; here’s hoping no schism will ever alter that. There is a touching, wistful feel to this that I adore.

  4. Amazing how people can share the same blood, the same parents, the same grandparents and be so very different from each other. Sweet poem about this mystery and a loving relationship.

  5. How fortunate you are to have two siblings with whom you were so close and remain so close. I liked the idea that your brother was ‘such a man’ from the time he was born. You really can see the adult a person will be very early in a person, I think. I can see this kind of thing in my grandson now….I hope he doesn’t get deterred somehow from the path. I like the ending…waiting for him to be there, like he always was. This too expresses the fact that you will both be there for one another…always.

  6. Oh I love this Kathleen.. to have two younger brothers.. I somehow think I would have been a better little brother than a big brother, and would have loved a big sister 🙂 The nightly theme with the crescent moon and headlights coming down the hill makes it feel so real, so vivid.

  7. Lucky girl, with two brothers! Your photo is so beautiful, and I love the waiting feeling in this poem – waiting for the headlights to “stream down the ridge.” Very beautiful. Have a wonderful visit!

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