Yours Truly

April Garden 4

Dear Sir,
Or should I say-
To Whom It May Concern,

(does anyone use ‘whom’ anymore?)
(And are you really all that concerned?)

I appreciate your kind-
no, thoughtful-
no, condescending-
that you must have spent agonizing hours-
a few minutes-
a second-
to construct.

I have considered your tempting (not really)
and have decided
to answer-
all evidence of this important-

And instead,

I shall take my straw hat and gloves,
whistle for the dog,
and he and I will spend the afternoon
in the garden
visiting with the bleeding hearts and columbine
and writing love letters to the bees.

Yours Truly,

24 thoughts on “Yours Truly

  1. A delight! Eagerly awaiting your (no doubt much more fond) love letters to the bees. 🙂

  2. OMG! in a land of robotic calls.. the frustration of form letters has become it all…

    So yes.. i too.. visit the land of backyard flower.. bees.. and birds of lore.. In life..

    where all moves in tapestry and never follows a sidewalk of Zombie Apocalypse


  3. Ha….I love the ‘on second thought’ sort of writing voice here that wasn’t edited out….brilliant and clever inclusions in the letter that made it so authentic and cheeky. Loved it 🙂

  4. love this so much n photo along with this is so beautiful/nature is such beauty for all us to enjoy/shared with all my friends/ea day is made with every post u share with me/thanks so much

  5. There was so much spice in this letter! You vented oh so beautifully! I laughed out loud a few times too! Good riddance to form letters!

  6. Just a teeny bit of sarcasm here, isn’t it? I have a number of marketers I’d love to pass this out to! And yes, the “love letters to the bees” was just precious. And a much better use of time too, I might add.


  7. Writing love letters to bees! How marvelous. I am so grateful for my spam filter and my intelligent decision to have a trash can inside the garage where I can put those wretched spam offers without ever having to take into the house.

  8. Love it. At first I thought it was going to be about publishers’ rejection letters, which, sadly for those of us you await a positive reply, aren’t much that different from spam…with rare exception.

  9. Oh yes, the spam letters, the self-marketing Twitter hounds who want to be liked, the incessant Robo-calls that happen right at supper time–all are deep into the realm of the ridiculous, the absurd, rife with BS & insincerity–that I feel the politicians are in this club too, thus the motivation to write my “letter” to the Republican senators.

  10. This made me smile. I am thinking of all the spam offers I receive…each of which someone must have spent valuable hours composing. Writing love letters to the bees would be much more enjoyable.

  11. This really made me laugh. I could also write a letter to all the people in administrations who never pick up the phone! And, between you and me, I still use ‘whom’. 🙂

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