where, oh where, can they be

They are gone.
Just disappeared.
Not a hint of leaving or going or anything.
Just vanished like an alien abduction
Or the rapture
Or falling down a deep, dark well.

Seems like there should be footprints
Or a note in a bottle
Or a message from somebody
Saying they were going away
To Brussels
Or San Diego
Or their mothers.

But no, nothing,
Just gone.

And I didn’t know I would miss them.

But I do.

4 thoughts on “where, oh where, can they be

    • Oh I think so – we establish these odd relationships over a few words sent into the ether and we become friends or warm acquaintances with each comment. And we miss them if they vanish.
      I appreciate your kind attention to my writing and thank you for each visit.
      All the best, K

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