ridiculous joy

Spring garden in the Ozarks

The disc turns the soft fragrant earth
across the spring fields while
small moon faced calves caper
and lark,
whisking their tails in triumphant and ridiculous joy.

Ahh Spring-
you dress in Edens green,
(you Eve, you Adam)
drawing us into the garden
from which we all fled-

where moon faced angels
caper at each fence post,
their wings tangled in sweet honeysuckle
and ridiculous joy.

7 thoughts on “ridiculous joy

    • a little late as hv bn sick, but luved words u wrote/wish they wld flow out of me like that/but will enjoy others here

  1. luv ll poetry that u send me/so many touch my heart/save all n fav list/thank u so much for all beauty for my heart to her/amazing site/share with friends

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