working in an office on the first really nice day of spring

spring pear 2012

My mind wanders down the lane
on a workaday afternoon,
refusing to spreadsheet the day-
instead I watch freshly washed sheets
of clouds spreading across
the blue blue

I gather the rolling stone
and moss,
stacking the minutes until quitting time
into cairns of data
and emails left to their own devices.
Turning down less traveled roads,
listening to the birds sing
instead of hearing the shrill ringing
of bright blinking lines.

I feel the light spring breeze on my face
and close my eyes
and see.

*** Oh my goodness! It is a BEAUTIFUL day!

24 thoughts on “working in an office on the first really nice day of spring

  1. Engrossed with office chores can take one towards paths with a tense outcome. Little pleasures of natural and normal happenings are missed. But you were not distracted and that is good!


  2. this is great! I feel exactly the same when stuck in the office on a nice workday…and oh the beautiful freedom of quitting time when I can go enjoy those spring breezes!

  3. OMG.. the cultural traps of life.. behind cubicles of robot.. that never REALLY FEELS.. OR cares.. OH To escape.. to reCreate everyday.. all the time now.. is a sure way to stay.. in mental sanity..:)

  4. On days like this, I would not leave the office because I know I would have run away and devil take the consequences. YES!!! Spring….it isn’t called spring because it crawls…excellent!

  5. Ahh, a beautiful spring day. It’s the worst time of year to have to be inside working. I love this line: “refusing to spreadsheet the day.” I am thankful that I have windows in my office so I can see the beauty outside, but sometimes that does make it harder to work, stacking minutes until it’s time to go home. Peace, Linda

  6. Hey this is a great post! Well done on that. Also, it would mean a lot if you checked out my blog. Thanks if you do 🙂

  7. Oh, how this takes me back to my work days, the office, the windows above American Lake, the trees left on the VA grounds, & the poetry written in spurts, between duties & work, in short moments, regathering thoughts like pick-up-sticks. Retirement is a blessing for sure. I like your lines /instead I watch freshly washed sheets/clouds spreading across/the blue blue/blue/.

  8. Ah, I like the idea of finding beauty outside of one’s working environment on beautiful day. On such a day, it really is best to refuse ‘to spreadsheet the day,’ I think! And, I think, once in a while it IS okay to count those minutes until quitting time. Smiles.

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