The Quiet of the Crescent Moon

The Quiet of the Crescent Moon

Colors recede into the waters fall,
casting the depths into shadow.
Singed fingers of sunlight
echo across the last faint reflections
settling into the corners of the day.
Twilight fills in and pushes past the horizon
until at last, the gleam of a silvered corona
is seen in the western sky,
floating in deepest celestial blue-
the quiet of the slender crescent
as she gently cradles the old moon in her arms.

*** a revision of a previously posted poem.

4 thoughts on “The Quiet of the Crescent Moon

  1. Very lovely. I envy you being able to watch the dusk fade into darkness over water and then, next morning, watch the light return. I could sit at the window and just watch that forever. Living within sight and sound of water is my soul’s longing.

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