Nesting Material

January Bluebird

Bits of twine
and strands of dried grasses,
some smelling of autumn hay fields
and summer’s sweet grass meadows,
woven into a perfect nest
to fill the empty space
between my ribs,
left by my wandering

Flat footed, I stood
as my heart leapt from my chest,
flying to another spring
in another time,
leaving me
flat footed
and open to the birds
building their spring nests,
perfectly woven,
smelling of sweet grass
and hay fields.

10 thoughts on “Nesting Material

  1. No birds around here yet as its still winter cold ~ Love how that nesting of birds bring back another spring time in our lives ~ Enjoy the warmth of that sweet grass ~ Have a good weekend Kathleen ~

  2. I love “the empty space…left by my wandering heart”, and can feel the mind hearkening back to the smells and sights of another spring……..the photo is stunning – was that bird really sitting there or was it photoshopped in? it is remarkable.

  3. This is just wonderful, Kathleen. Thank you for sharing this precious find. This morning I saw our first “batch” of baby ducks heading for the water. What a thrill, though it hurts to know that between the hawks, the owls and coyotes, probably only a handful will survive. We see the count diminish each day. Fragile life.

    • Happy Spring, Victoria. We heard coyotes last night from across the cove – our little dog Theo was not impressed- smiles – hope that you and your husband are having a warm sunny spring day, and you are both feeling strong and well. K

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