The Arrival of Spring

gifts of spring

Gray morning, the last dawning
of this long winter,
from across the water, the sound
of clear silvered piping-

Spring progresses slowly
with her troop
of minstrel robins.

She is wreathed in yellow
fresh and tender,
early buds of warming sun.

Her delight,
the laughter of tulips
and the bashfulness of daffodils,

Spring smiles
and blossoms.

4 thoughts on “The Arrival of Spring

  1. I like that vision of Spring marching in with her little army of robins 🙂 very fitting – made me think of that very loudly insistent robin that wakes me from the power pole every morning – it’s a battle cry against winter! 😉

    • Our robins have just about gone – still see a few marching about in the field. But now we have a plague of starlings and grackles arrrgghhh I have stopped putting seed out because of the descending hordes – they are driving Theo nuts – he chases them even when they are flying – good dog 🙂

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