Spam Folder or the Caste System Explained

However, the caste system explained-
(Driving is a cautious job
and one needs professional training)
for the Bajorans
the first time
set a persons exact line of work
(soldier, artist, religious figure)
based entirely on their family line.
We are not talking about
the Driving Test
since that requires another
1000 pages.
But I vaguely recalled
sailing on a ship
from Kagoshima
to Okinawa.
That said,
I still had no idea
of skills
and Advanced Awareness
or if it was one at all.

Seagulls are having a field day
out on the high seas.

*** these lines are taken entirely from those annoying emails in my spam folder. And yes, it seems some of my spam can be very poetic!

18 thoughts on “Spam Folder or the Caste System Explained

  1. Seagulls in spam, love it! Your poem title is fantastic as well as the poem that follows. Hard to believe it was created from a spam folder. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge!

  2. How come YOU get poetic Spam and I just get threats of being shut down. No fair! LOL. It is hard to believe this is spam, it makes a fantastic spoem!!!!! I cant write one that good on my best day! LOL.

    • My computer has our companies firewall, so all the enhancement ads and threatening stuff gets taken care of before it ever gets to me. So it has to be something triggers certain things when I go internet surfing – cause this all vaguely has something to do with things I was researching or reading about. And in a way – that is kinda scary!

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