22 thoughts on “considering the wind

  1. Apropos of flight of fancy. I seldom, if at all say, “I love this”. But I love this. The notion, the lyricism, the beauty of simplicity. Good shtufffs!!!

  2. For whatever reason, I am so glad she is using her wings again. I wish her an amazing flight. I have an old fragile “prissy” vase of my great grandmother’s….it is where I keep all the feathers I find. In a tiny delft vase, are feathers from a bluebird, several types of finch, and a couple from various tits. Oh, the birds are so kind to gift us these reminders that if only we would, we could fly.

    • I didn’t know that, Sarah, but on learning of it – my reaction is – well, of course you do! So happy you like this – that is my niece, Kathleen Rose’s hand in the photo, holding a feather she found when walking with her Uncle Bob, and brought to me. Gotta love a child that will gift you with feathers!

  3. I’ve been watching your blog for awhile now, but I don’t think I’ve left a comment before.
    That being said, your poem is lovely. It says everything in a very few words. I can see “her.”
    Beautiful – thank you.

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