that night

March evening storm

Is that the wind
or bird wings against the glass?

Inconstant wind,
like hands that never entwine,
just move lovingly through my hair.

The wind moved that night,
filled with righteous violence.
Cyclonic angels fierce in their mission,
swirling songs from their twisted throats
singing to souls of houses and trees,
lifted in rapture.

That night, I followed the wind
then it twisted and chased me
all the way to your door.
But you had gone-
all that was left
was that not-you,

Is that the wind
or bird wings against the glass?
Foolish bird.
Foolish wind.

*** For dVerse prompt tonight, we are chasing the wind. Hold onto your hats and join in!

38 thoughts on “that night

  1. Hi Kathleen!

    I am Ninot and I am glad I dropped by – your prompt was brilliant and your poem – reminds me of Wuthering Heights, with Catherine tapping at Heathcliff’s window. And all that rapturous pain and longing came to mind.

  2. A moving poem with just the right amount of contrast between the elevation or elation of the wind and the let down or disappointment of his not being there. Nice, Kathleen.

  3. I save all poems I recv from u as all r so good n saving to always hv to look at n times I need a way to make me feel better/thanks to all of u that has this talent to put ur words into poetry

  4. Wow-wow-wow, this is good. Wish I’d known about the challenge, I’d have worked harder to make the A-team–but Brian Ens invited me to bring what I’d already posted today, so….

  5. Oh, the twisted violence and speed of these windy lines! And it is the wind she wants, really, though it can not be possessed. I suspect he is there–but in comparison, he is nothing. Powerful piece and I love the closing couplet!

  6. I hope it is just the wind and not birds against the glass. I have seen birds crash into my window at work it is heartbreaking. I would much rather it be the wind. Thanks for guest hosting I am enjoying the wind poems.

  7. Terrific energy, tinged with romantic yearnings, & mysterious breezes; a very nice adjunct to the prompt of Wind, nice illustration for the rest of us. Grace nailed my favorite line
    /cyclonic angels fierce in their mission/ putting me in mind of the tornadoes I wrote about.

  8. What a beautiful poem Bjorn. And this has been such an amazing prompt. This poem – full of violence, sadness, betrayal…the wind – …this poem is lovely. I do like the way the first verse and last verse bring it all together and contain the wind in the poem.

  9. that not you…windless….dead still air…
    what a contrast between that and the first…
    the derecho was the hardest wind I ever faced
    and when it threw concrete block into my car and
    ripped trees and powerlines and transformers…wow…
    vicious indeed….

  10. I do identify with wondering if it is the wind or bird wings…that ‘inconstant’ wind always makes me question. Following the wind, and then finding them gone is heartbreaking. That kind of wind chills one to the bone!

  11. I love the energy in these lines:

    The wind moved that night,
    filled with righteous violence.
    Cyclonic angels fierce in their mission,

    I admire how the personification of the wind turned from nature to the person, also gone, not-you ~ Terrific prompt and response 🙂

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