21 thoughts on “just thinking…

  1. Oh I’m sorry I missed the It’s a Pity poem, could you e me it, my friend? I hear the gravity in this poem, and feel the longing for flight which may not be possible just now – but will be one day, again, for both of us, we know that, dont we? And when we fly again, it wont be without pain for the loss of all that keeps us tethered here. It’s a conundrum, this life of being human.

  2. As a young man I used to have flying dreams, lots of them; like Fellini had–but oddly they stopped in my 50’s; still baffles me. Even in the dream state, though, flying was glorious.

  3. I was looking again for your “It’s a Pity” poem, which you posted yesterday, but it seems to have disappeared and this one appears (on the linky) in its place. Confused.

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