one, two three…..

love birds#5 (3)

We’ve lost our capacity to count.
Our years together number thirty something-
(how long have we been married?)
Too many kisses to enumerate –
(except for that singular kiss. You know the one,
when the room held its breath
for the count
of ten
or twenty
or infinity)
And that ice age when I stopped counting on you
(but you never subtracted,
only multiplied your love)
No, we’ve lost our capacity to count-
higher math and the calculations of our applied physics
have overwhelmed the
of us
But numbers aren’t everything.

*** Brian and Claudia are jousting it out today at the Dverse Pub Tournament of Champions. Our prompt is to take a line from one of their poems and create one of our own. I chose the line ‘we’ve lost our capacity to count‘ from Brian Miller’s poem-‘if I stay-

35 thoughts on “one, two three…..

  1. In many ways I’ve watched you
    Singing soul songs of praise to him
    You’re sweetest moments tender open up before my eyes to see

    In many ways you show it
    Painting pictures for us all
    Tears I’ve shed with such joy
    Your loving entangles more than just you two

    Your loving is the Divine
    I’ve been stirred to know it’s true

    In softly written words
    painting pictures for us all
    I’ve watched you
    Singing soul songs of praise to him
    from the core of your spirit
    deep within

    Your loving is the Divine
    I’ve been stirred to know it’s true

    For your passion is the life breath
    Filling loves holy lungs

    (Hi dear, I ran into Bob at the Pub last night and he shared the poem you wrote with me in it, So as thank you for the lovely gift I wrote this for you and Bob.)

  2. That’s the way we want it to be..this is a beautiful poem. There are those who for some fluke or other circumstances never experience this kind of love. I like especially the “one, two, three of us”!

  3. ah yes, the autumn approaching winter & still being in love with Love; splendid, romantic, touching. Like Claudia, I believe in kisses to seal & arouse everything & moment. I love your whole POV & state of mind with this one. I liked the wonderful lines /when the room held its breath/for the count/of ten/or twenty/or infinity/.

  4. This is excellent. Years of love don’t need to be counted, I don’t think…. Higher math is unnecessary where there is love! (Ha, I chose the same line.)

    • Thank you, Claudia, for your kind attention to my work and for all the time, tears and energy you have put into this remarkable community. I look forward to reading and seeing all the beautiful things you will create now that you will have all the time in the world (!) smiles

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