Snowy Morning on the Cove

feb cove with snow

snowy morning with cardinals

feb morning - dove in snow

feb morning - card in snow

We woke to the sound of sleet on the roof and wild geese flying over the house on the way to the cove.
Then the big gorgeous flakes began to fly too.

Now the cedar trees are filled with cardinals, finches and juncos. We have dove, blue jays, titmice and chickadees too. And a brown thrasher showed up at the suet feeder as well as a little downy woodpecker to share a morning treat.

It is still snowing and we will end up with 6-8 inches by the end of today. And I know everyone in the eastern US is ready to see the snow go away, but this is our first snowfall of the season and it is BEAUTIFUL!

sleet colored sky
streaked with wings
of wild geese
and clouds of bird song

7 thoughts on “Snowy Morning on the Cove

  1. Ahh…this is beautiful…the whole post. I’m a bit jealous of the snow…we’ve had a mild winter here and it has been sunny and glorious but I do miss a bit of snow. Love the bird photos, especially, and your poem.

    • Thanks, Jennifer. We were wondering if the snow would miss us this year – really haven’t had any bad weather so far and this won’t last too long. One of the wonderful things about southern MO – can have all 4 seasons in one week.
      Were do you live?

      • I live in Washington state, just north of Seattle. Sometimes we get some snow in the winter but this year it’s been sunny and mild—which I will definitely take over gloom and rain! I have relatives who live in Springfield, MO and my dad was born there–some of the reasons I love to read what you write!

  2. beautiful! your lovely views and bird friends almost make me miss the snow – and I can’t get over just how different our views are right now – I took a walk under blooming cherry trees over the weekend and watched our robin stake out his territory for his mate

    • Thanks, Sarah – we had warm temps on Sat and now all the snow. But the trees are beginning to think about spring – redbuds will be the first on the ridge in just a few weeks – I love cherry trees in bloom – frilly pink clouds that rain fragrant confetti – ahhhh spring.

    • Yes, you do! And you will have one, I know.
      We always love the first snow of the season and this time of year, it will be just puddles by the end of the week. Hints of spring will be coloring the ridges soon – another magical season around the corner. Enjoy your day, Sherry!

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