Hangover (or The Day After Valentine’s Day)

Too much chocolate and intimacy,
our emotions crowd
this small room.

The overwrought day of love and hearts
founders with the consumption.
Thank God these feasts are few and far between
and the dull days
that drift from indifference
to profundity
even in the thinnest context
lie ahead
for us to rest our heads upon.

Love will again become happily perfunctory
and satisfying
without the need for overloaded emotions
and recriminations
drying on our faces.

Too much is too much
and I willingly give back
all those candy hearts and paper doilies.

Give me the day to day
workmanship of your love,
the confection melted away
to the unsweetened morsel of us.

17 thoughts on “Hangover

  1. Yummy write. The last four lines are indeed breathtaking. Who needs a special day when we have the rest of our lives?

    Anna :o]

  2. As noted by all, your last line is killer. Why do most of us buy into the Hallmark, diamond lobby jive? Just strict & thorough socialization & mind-numbing marketing buzz, I guess.

  3. Ha, too much chocolate…I GET that! I really don’t want chocolates for Valentine’s Day…waaaayyyy too sweet! Give me a book or something instead. Smiles. The ordinary days of satisfying love without a sugar high or high expectations are the best in the end! I enjoyed this poem, Kathleen.

  4. i love the day to day workmanship love…the kind that does not need a fancy dress…or a card…or a dozen roses…it can all feel so forced…so yes, give me that day to day kinda love….

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