winters sunset 2 2015

The afternoon light was in its January slant,
deepening its intentions
of gilding the winter hours.
As I walked the dog down the lane,
a glare of light struck my eyes.
Glancing to the source-
the storm door in the carport down the road-
a golden shimmering vision was beginning to form-
what appeared to be an icon
leaning against the faded vinyl siding
of the empty house.
Long narrow face with hooded eyes,
long narrow fingers
making the sign of the cross,
halo glowing,
surrounded by that bright gold leaf background
one sees in all those photos of icons-
Byzantine ā€“ that is how I would describe it.
So what does one do when one sees a saint
leaning against the siding of a neighbors carport?
Well, I looked away
like any other reasonable person walking her dog on a cold January day would do.
Then I looked back.
And he waved at me.
The sun bouncing off the storm door,
reflecting that golden light,
his face,
all byzantine and gold leafed.
Waving in return,
I turned back into the lengthening shadows,
and, after the dog
had finished all he intended,
walked back home.

4 thoughts on “Iconography

  1. Wow, hope it wasnt a portent or omen………makes me think of my son who once saw “a man who looked seriously like God” sitting in front of McDonalds, eating a hamburger. LOL. I, too, would have looked away. I can see the golden color you describe so well in this poem.

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