i can’t hear the poetry over the voices in my head

winters morning

Sitting quietly in my chair
trying to bring a coherent thought to the surface ,
the throbbing washing machine churns
the dirty laundry of my life and
from the monitor, the sounds of yet one more Law and Order
murmur her to sleep
as the frantic beat of Gershwin violins and clarinets
pump from the classical station.

Poetry will not rise above the voices in my head,
shouting about all the things left undone
and the failures that trip my every footstep.
The voices will not rest even as she sleeps
and the sparrows sing in the cedar boughs
and the pale snow evaporates
in the morning sun.

11 thoughts on “i can’t hear the poetry over the voices in my head

  1. I can relate to these sentiments…the noise of life echoes in our minds and can stifle creativity…we all have a need for quiet time. Thanks for expressing it so well 🙂

  2. The problem is the lack of an off switch for the voices in our head! It would help if we could at least turn the volume down, but we can’t do that either. I had to laugh though – I have the same trouble myself but never described it quite so eloquently.


  3. Well, but you wrote a very beautiful poem, nevertheless. Your photo is spectacular – such beauty! I well know that a caregiver’s mind is never very free, always one ear cocked to hear the loved one’s needs………even through all the clamor, the poet heard the sparrows’ song and brought it to us to enjoy. Along with cedar boughs, melting snow and a pale winter sun. Pretty good, I’d say! Smiles.

  4. this is beautiful, Kathleen, even though I know it details a daily struggle – I think poetry does find a way through all the life static, though I know it certainly doesn’t always seem so… be well, my friend, and I’m thinking of you

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