The January Thaw – Ten Word Poems

jan morning 2015

her cheeks blushing
as the sky reflects her beauty

old oaks mutter
dreaming april dreams
warm winters day

scent of damp, leaf mold
and earthworms-
the january thaw

from the gray morning cove
mists rise
on heron wings

with warm wings and song
clouds of small sparrows

the bare boned willows
fill their branches
with sparrows

pale moon
slips into the light
of the morning sky

22 thoughts on “The January Thaw – Ten Word Poems

  1. Exquisite! Thanks for visiting; I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical writing “a borrowing of bones” but back to blogging with a lot of wonderful sites to catch up on. Hope you enjoy a walk through my village, I’ll be posting the poems through the first week of February.

  2. These are beautiful separately and of course together. I like the stretching old oaks muttering–something very ancient and Druid-like about that. Thank you.

  3. Spring will stab into the heart of winter, transforming ice to clover; oh yes, your ten Word poems are exsquite; really rocked the prompt; made my backyard have a sun break. Like the lines
    /from the gray morning cove/mists rise/on heron wings/.

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