6 thoughts on “Small Stones 15/2015

  1. Watching out the window helps me get over all the impending doom and gloom. It can still happen, but there’s life to live in the meantime.


    P.S. Beagle rolled in who-knows-what this morning while on our walk. And I was looking right at him when he did it! Little butt.

    • I have declared a moratorium on all news for a while – can’t do anything about the horrible things people do to each other – will just be kind to everyone I meet and hope the universe responds in kind.
      Oh yuck! they will find the foulest possible things to roll in – and will not understand why they have to have a bath before they are allowed inside!

      • I’m not watching much news myself. My former employer announced yet another large divestiture the other day (probably why I was laid off – have to make those budgets look good). I totally missed it – thankfully my former boss sent it along.

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