Small Stones 13/2015

Theodore Valentine Everett

Such a clear night – first one in ages – and taking our pup out for his final stroll of the night, the stars are just glorious.
How brilliantly they sparkle, these ancient suns. So bright, their cold light seems to cast shadows across the dark winter landscape.
I wish I could photograph the sky and show you. But a picture of a sweet boy will have to do – Theodore Valentine is his name.

6 thoughts on “Small Stones 13/2015

  1. I loved seeing the pup! You need more pictures and stories about him. He’s not the same one you got last year, is he? This one looks pretty young. Do you have two dogs now?


    • No, he is our only dog child. This pic was taken right after we brought him home last year – and we were just commenting on what a puppy he was – now a grown up little guy. I need to take more photos of him – he really is a charming little clown.
      Hope things are going well for you – how’s the job search?

      • Job search is slow and frustrating. Things are going on, just not quickly. What I find equally frustrating is that I’m spending so much time on it, there’s not much time for anything else. I’d hoped by now to have made more headway on my to do list and playing with my photography as well.

    • I was a town girl until my husband talked me into the wilds of the AR Ozarks. We bought an old shack and 7 acres and those nights! Never knew how dark dark could be and looking up – stunning sights, filled with constellations, planets, comets, meteorites – the definition of awesome.
      I always appreciate you dropping by, John, thank you for your kind attention and thoughtful words.

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