For goodness sake

October evening 2

Wheeling across the sky,
a murmuration of starlings and
the souls of the dead
to defend the stars
as they fall,
turning on that great wheel
of the chariot.
(Swing low,
fill my mouth with words
of wonder and delight
that they may sing to the sparrows
and the great horned owl
as he passes judgment on all we have done before.
Will this circle be unbroken in the time we have left?
Will our hours and minutes
lay across the calendar pages, clean and pristine
as the January snow and the lambs of springtime
that skip merrily to slaughter?
Shall we gather at the river- the long road home to glory?
What shall we forsake,
for goodness sake,
at the rising of the wind?

11 thoughts on “For goodness sake

  1. I admire the opening verses with strong images:

    a murmuration of starlings and
    the souls of the dead
    to defend the stars
    as they fall

    Good to see you Kathleen ~ Happy New Year ~

  2. Well done… need some work on the “present tense”, and “past tense” 🙂 (my common problem, plus I’ve been called the “Comma-Kazie” because of mu usu of ” commas”
    I enjoyed reading your work 🙂

  3. Wow. This one took my breath away. A gorgeous write! I too love the murmuration of starlings, and the great wheel turning. As to the blank pages of the calendar, I have already messed up all the Monday squares of January, trying to figure out my Monday feature at PU. LOL. I go thru a lot of calendars this way.

  4. First of all, I really like that phrase ‘murmuration of starlings.’ And such wonderful images as the turning of the great wheel on the chariot….and what will happen with the hours and minutes that we have left? Hopefully it is not time to gather at the river yet! Happy New Year, Kathleen.

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