all heaven and nature sing

Christmas 2013

Hollowed in the tiny stone,
a clear pool of misted rain
reflecting the grayed light
of December.
(all heaven and nature sing)
Its universe held tight
with measured moss and twig
and earnest gifts of nature’s bounty.
What more is needed
than earth and sky,
a mirror reflection of all
the sacred firmament ?
(all heaven and nature sing)
What have we
but treasures overflowing,
gilded days of sparkling cheer
and the glittering stars to guide us.
So, sing the song of Christmas!
(all heaven and nature sing)
It’s melody unfolds with every breath
and heartbeat.
Joy, oh joy to the world –
Let heaven and nature sing!

3 thoughts on “all heaven and nature sing

  1. How beautiful – the majestic tree and the beautiful sentiments in your poem. I especially love (of course!) “What more is needed than earth and sky?” Hope you are having a lovely day, my friend, and that your mom is feeling well and enjoying the festivities.

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