Christmas Eve 2014

Dear friends, I wish you blessings of the season and a peaceful and joy-filled 2015. K

Christmas Eve

A whirling galaxy of starlings
at sunset on Christmas Eve.

Star – lings (a bright and shining name for such a dark and dusky bird)

A murmurration of stars
sweeping the darkening night,
making a moving path
for the Milky Way.

— Christmas Eve 2014- This is a poem posted last year with the youtube video of a murmuration of starlings set to music.

Check this video out — amazing starlings murmuration (full HD) via @youtube

5 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2014

  1. I love celebrating the seasons with your poetry and blog posts – thank you once again for the gift of friendship!

    Hugs & kisses from Atlanta, where I wait for my daughter to come home from work and to start enjoying a long weekend with her & her husband.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. I have never heard of a murmurration of starlings, and am enchanted. The video is marvelous. Wow! Love the beauty of your poem, the murmurration of the stars, the light and graceful movement. Just beautiful!!

    • I thought that was the coolest video too – not sure how I came across it.
      I have this thing about weird collective nouns – that was when i discovered murmurration. Such a perfectly descriptive word for those birds.
      We are having snow flurries but promises of warmer temps and sunshine tomorrow. We will have a fish fry for our Christmas feast!
      Hugs and bright wishes for your Christmas and the year ahead, my friend.

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