Ecclesiastes 1

Winter Field

Such vanity,
the wind remarks
to the old oak and young willow,
in a season when all is loss
and fields are fallow.

Leaves have flown
on the wings of migratory birds
and furred creatures have burrowed
deep into the cold earth,
gravely sleeping under cover of frost
and snow.

The year dies,
resting on its hind legs
upright until the end.
The quiet resignation
of the turning earth,
its rotation of season
to season.

Everything is vanity,
reminds the wind.
All life stills in the end,
cold as stone in the deepest winter,
certain as old oaks stand sturdy
and young willows weep and bend.

18 thoughts on “Ecclesiastes 1

  1. Truly poignant write – I have the slow, smooth rounding effect that your words have on me. Beautifully done. Sorry it took longer to read your piece.

  2. And then there is Spring.. and rebirth and the cycle of life goes on.. from death to birth to life to what is now to be…:)

    Nostalgic Winter feelings your words do bring.. but Oh Goodness it still feels like Summer in North Florida.. so it’s still nice to experience these Winter Substitute instead…:)

  3. Wow, sobering, sad, truthful, painful, the winter of our lives that some of us are on the cusp of; like OK, let’s get a grip on the Now, on Joy, on new learning, on old projects–& even though it makes the angels laugh, make plans. If I wake tomorrow, & greet the dawn, I will work on———–. Like your lines /all life stills in the end/cold as stone in the deepest winter/.

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