I am thankful……

Autumn on the lake
I am thankful for:
my God , who presents us with life and truth and Love,
who chooses to be
totally Human
and totally God.
For grace and resiliency,
for fortitude and strength.
For my community, with its heroes and clowns, its dramas and comedies.
For my family, who are, after all, the ones that love me in spite of myself.
I am thankful for my spouse, the example of love and all its many aspects,
and for all the beloved children in our lives,
for the friends who are near and far whom we love and love us in return.
I am thankful for maple trees and oaks,
sassafras and pine,
for the birds who take shelter in these trees
and find sustenance at my feeders.
For all the creatures that roam through my life
and the one that takes up residency in our house.
I am thankful for my home, a place of serenity and peace.
I am thankful for peace
in Iraq,
and the streets of my country
when there is peace in these places.
I am grateful for freedom
and justice
and honor.
I am thankful for politeness
and kind words.
I am thankful for babies
and old people.
I am thankful that we have been
and will be again.
I am thankful we have been
and will be again.
I am thankful for what has been
what we are in the midst of
and what will be.
I am thankful.

8 thoughts on “I am thankful……

  1. smiles…you have quite the list….i really like toward the end…have ben happy and will be again…healthy and will be again…you start in the right place…love seeing hubs in there…and your community as well…cool list…

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