Night Sky in Autumn

October evening 2

Evening deepens into twilight.
Sky feathers of profound blue
and downy gray
fly swiftly
in a declaration of wind and wings.
Echoing across the night filled cove,
wild geese rise from the dark water.

10 thoughts on “Night Sky in Autumn

  1. what a great interpretation of geese this time of the year… read through you poetry book last night… i did enjoy it, but also have seen how much your work has grown since it was published… time to put another one together?

    • Thanks, Patti – yes, years of writing certainly do show change and growth and hopefully maturity – smiles! So many of those poems are now 20-25 years old – hard to believe. And I am thinking about a new book – would like to do a volume of the best from the blog also writing a chapbook this winter hoping to publish.
      Did you have snow this weekend? We had our first frost yesterday morning.

  2. I’m constantly amazed at how eloquently you describe the changes in the seasons!

    I’m so used to reading your blog in my E-mail that I didn’t realize you’d changed up your header. It looks good!


    • Thanks, Nancy – so happy to see you. Loved your invitation to tea and all your creative Oct posts. Happy you are back to posting more – give my beagle friend a ear scratch for me. Did you hear we have a new furry kid – Theodore Valentine – he’s such a good pup!

      • So you have two fur kids now? I know you got one shortly after your pup passed away or is Theo the same one?

        I apologize for not commenting more on your posts, but I do enjoy them. And your friendship (which is even more important).

      • Theo is our only – he came to live with us this past Valentines Day – it had been almost 2 years since we lost Lulu – And don’t worry about commenting – just happy to see your ‘likes’ and to know you have dropped by. Have a beautiful Sunday and a good week, my friend!

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