truth and untruth

Its not the thought but its passing
that leans hard into the wind-
out standing words left
in the dust of regret and failure,
too soon forgotten
and no longer regarded.
Nouns and verbs
hanging on the line,
flapping in the cold breeze of memory.
The tales told will not be remembered
and the lies or untruths
are not long for this world.
Speak now or forever
hold your peace.
What peace is this that you should call it so?
What water under the bridge
flows directly to the point
of no return?
When will the words that must be said
be said – so that the ears and hearts will hear?
Such truths may be self evident
but not realized
until the final trumpet sounds.

24 thoughts on “truth and untruth

  1. Kathleen–this is just a beautiful poem–it brings to mind all those epiphanies that one has and lets slip away–it happens I guess increasingly in age–but at any time in life when the groove that we are in is so strong. Not just epiphanies of course but declarations, observations–simply loving words–this is expressed just beautifully–the mixture of the adages and the felt truths is very effective. k.

  2. Strong, metaphoric, prophetic, clarion–but somehow you do more than rail against the bellicose nature of man, you touch on the warnings signs, on the surreptitious theft of liberties; like your lines /when will the words that must be said/be said/. & then when those words of dissent spring up in the wake of your words? Take any ten men, whether redneck, pacifist, or priests, bare their souls, test their morality, their honesty, immerse them in conflict, lies, deceit, harm–& you will get the split, the opposing views, the anger, the bloodshed; wish it were not so.

  3. nice play there in the end on one of the founding documents of our country….truth and untruth have a lot to do with war…and with our liberties…we need to speak now…if we don’t use our voice…it will be taken from us…

  4. Those first two lines–wow. I mean, the whole poem is so strong, but if someone can read those first lines and not be compelled to read on, there’s no hope. Excellent!

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