Altar of Lost Things

Keys that unlock
long left locks and the wooden button
from my winter coat,
motherhood and children,
and one brown sock,
a friendship untended,
luggage loaned,
a father, a home,
an umbrella left on the train,
my grandmother’s brooch,
a favorite book, a tree covered lane.

Growing longer each year,
words and regrets,
lists of things lost,
unrecoverable, irretrievable,
bound vellum sets in
ink stained chains of script
words written between the lines
and around the margins
erased, glued, sewn,
thin and tattered,
so as not to forget.

I leave the long list upon the altar,
and lighting the candle,
the scent of rue and asphodel fill the air.

19 thoughts on “Altar of Lost Things

  1. I agree with the comment above – you rocked this. This is the first piece of yours that I’ve read and I look forward to many more. A truly evocative poem where every line builds the emotion. I was taken aback with the ending. So few people have ever heard of rue. Gorgeous work.

  2. I love your list of lost things, some precious, some nostalgic ~ I can imagine the alter growing bigger and longer each year ~ Admiring too your ending with : scent of rue and asphodel fill the air.

  3. Wow K. you really rocked this. You have a really interesting premise, an interesting list of items and then you’ve arranged them so well; I love the poetic touches, the rhythm, the rhymes far enough apart to not shout, but close enough to still ring … smiles.

  4. This is excellent! Interesting items — quite a diverse collection. And some very poignant…..I like the idea of writing such a list on the altar too. A very original idea.

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