Moonlight on Cove


Gaze on ancient brothers,
galaxy sky dancing,
graced by mythos and
gloried tales of old Rome.
Glistening twins, long dead,
guard our own nights sky and
gibbous October moon.


Onyx sky above us,
offering cold bright stars
opulent in their glory.
Only for us are these
obliged to sparkle-
ordered by heavens
own heroic hunter.

*** For dVerse Meeting the Bar prompt from Vandana Sharma. She brings us a new form “Pleiades” which was invented in 1999 by Craig Tigerman. It consists of seven lines, each line starting with the same letter as the title. The title is a single word.

24 thoughts on “Constellations

  1. Being a Gemini, the first poem resonates most with me. Wow, you just whipped another one out for Kathleen too; very cool, & perfect take on the prompt.

  2. Rather partial to the Orion one, it flows so well that it does not bring attention to the lines starting with the same letter, that kind of disappears as the words all come together in one thought. And that is the magic isn’t it, when the words go so well together that it just pulls one into the poem. Orion is that good. Well done.

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