The Beginning of the Fall

Autumn on the lake

I sweep autumn leaves from the porch
and listen to the crows caw
from across the dry meadow,
the only birds still in residence.

The trees are empty.

The birds have abandoned me.
Are there runes scraped into the bark of the cedar,
just outside the window?
‘Beware all life is fleeting, flee!’
Soon the mirrors will be covered
and voices hushed
in winters sorrow.

I miss their songs.

I miss feeling their presence-
the feathers left in my path
as if angels were near,
watching and protecting.
But the trees are now deserted-
all the winged creatures
have left.
Leaving me
alone to keep vigil
in the beginning of the fall.

16 thoughts on “The Beginning of the Fall

  1. Kathleen… beautiful write for autumn’s sweet sorrow… great reflection of some of the things you’ve been going through… and yes, i certainly enjoyed your hospitality… say “hi” to Grandma Rose

  2. it is a quiet vigil here on the edge of fall…and a chilly one as down to 39 here this morning…and the trees are showing more and more…and soon it will be a hush…before the whisper of winter…

  3. It is always sad when the trees get bare and a lot of the birds are gone. I love the beginning of Fall but not so much its end. I like the idea of keeping vigil though.

  4. I feel the loneliness in this piece, Kathleen. I empathize. I always feel sad when the birds have gone. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a robin for a while now. Sigh. Fall is the season of life of missing for sure….your poem gives voice to my feelings as well.

  5. I feel your melancholy at seeing the birds gone and the leaves on the ground ~ There’s only the waiting now for all the leaves to disappear and soon winter is here ~ Such fine writing K ~

  6. This and yesterday’s post just speak to my heart about the changing seasons.

    For us, the birds are migrating through now. As is usual, we see all kinds of birds that don’t normally live here. They come for a few days and then are gone again. I was surprised to see a butterfly today, searching my yard for the lantanas that died. I think it too was migrating as they’ve been gone from here for a few weeks.

    Virginia robins go south and northern homes winter over here. The blue jay is back – haven’t seen him all summer long. And the leaves are dimming, the yellow is starting to show.


  7. You have captured the beginning of Autumn beautifully. There is a sense of sadness and desertion with all the birds leaving and the gloom of the impending winter not far away. Excellent poem.

  8. You write a wonderful piece full of sights and sounds. I am loving the fall (especially since it is a new season for me). All the little ones are growing up and earnestly preparing for winter. It is a noisy and colorful time.
    Enjoy your fall!

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