its those goat feet and those blackberries
its those moments when reading your poetry





it is the numinous certainty
of the world as you see it and I see it

its your heart that make these worlds open
those words
trapped in golden amber, hardened
filled with manifest moments
of love and fear

I can see more clearly
that world,
that one word,
the pearl of great value
I can feel on my tongue
until its nacre dissolves
as a flame on my lips
and I speak those words
blackberry, blackberry, blackberry

*** I have been reading E.E. Cummings, as well as many other poets in the past few weeks – Robert Hass’ beautiful poetry – his Meditations at Lagunitas is one of my favorites.

17 thoughts on “blackberry

  1. i’m so glad i live in a place where blackberries flourish too..the singing of birds the buzzing of bees the dance of crickets i can hear with even my windows closed..

    The blackberries of GOD ring true to me..the dancing of crickets the singing of birds..the buzzing of bees tells me it all makes sense..

    At least in my back yard true..:)

    The city can be death..but the forest with subsistence..

    Is always life to me..2..smiles and have good dayx2…:)

  2. i love when a poet’s words touch me so much that i hold my breath and i can feel them on my tongue… it’s fascinating how they can open windows to make us see more clearly… beautifully penned kathleen

  3. “I can see more clearly
    that world,
    that one word,
    the pearl of great value
    I can feel on my tongue”

    these words just swept me away — and Kathleen, you have crystallized your “eating the words” of e.e. cummings into the experience of delighting in eating a blackberry. Just brilliant! all my best, Dee

  4. lovely piece; with intriguing form. I feel the romantic vibes, but there is an under layer of something else; almost a rapture, from one poet to another; like your lines /those words
    trapped in golden amber, hardened/filled with manifest moments/.

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