seasons change

Autumn on the lake

August heat rises into the cedar,
releasing their fragrant resinous perfume.
Cicadas hum in drowsy waves,
leaving the afternoon nodding .

Light has changed in late summer.
The casting of shadows and lots
conjure the last heat of the season
with hints of the coming autumn.

Her blood pressure rises and falls
with the changing of the trees-
their leaves have turned with a suddenness,
catching us all off guard

We wake to her breathing in the early dark.
The earth’s slight tilt spins the light
later each morning, rousing her
into this dreaming world once again.

From Spring’s promise to Winter’s frailty,
we hold each season fast to our hearts-
with breath and blood, light and leaves,
we witness her passing.

*** For dVerse Meeting the Bar. May be a bit trite – the changing of life and the seasons – but it is my reality now. Thank you all for your sweet comments and prayers for Mom. She is holding her own. K

24 thoughts on “seasons change

  1. Kathleen this is brilliant!! I love every word, was completely swept away while I was reading this. Thank you for this poetic gift to start my morning 🙂

  2. I love the use of the season changing with the patterns of life and comparing this with your mom’s health ~ I hope the best for her and your family ~ Very a moving write Kathleen ~

  3. Nothing trite, Kathleen, about the passing of seasons or at the passing of a loved one. You expressed both with tender feeling. May God’s peace be with your family.

  4. I like the progression in your poem, Kathleen and how the slight changes in the season lead you to reflecting on your mom’s failing health. I was sorry to read about it. Thinking of you as you go through this difficult time.

  5. Sometimes the seasons pass all too fast and the suddenness of the changes sometimes catches us off guard. We are not prepared, never will be, for the changing of the seasons of a person’s life…especially one that one loves.

  6. I didn’t know about your mum Kathleen so my best wishes and prayer go with the others. Its a tough time, having been through it with my dad some years ago. Hang in there. I thought it was a lovely poem as well, so well done.

  7. Kathleen, I didn’t realize that you were going through this with your mother, so for me the poem took such an abrupt, surprising turn about the 3rd or 4th stanza. There is definitely something about the change of seasons, especially autumn, that speaks to impending loss. Praying for all of you.

  8. the seasons are probably our greatest natural reminder of the patterns of life
    we are nearing my fav part of the year…after the last hot breath of summer
    when the leaves start to change and the mornings are crisp…mmm….

  9. OH that is such a welcome sight. 😉 I just noticed today there are trees starting to “turn” here in Pennsylvania, which is very early for us…but Im not complaining at all 🙂

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