atmospheric perspective

Nov fog 2

light and dark
light and dark
fog drifts on the morning cove
sun and cloud
sun and cloud
pale morning light
woven across a gray tapestry
mists on the water
hover in stillness
light and dark
sun and cloud

24 thoughts on “atmospheric perspective

  1. I, too, thought this was a classic form; clever refrains–two sets, repeated at the end, no apparent word or syllable count; yes, it could be fun to try it for FFA/MTB sometime. As others have said, clever, sweet, accurate capture of morning on the hills with a fog beard; tore up, blew out the prompt; nice.

  2. nice capture of that morning fog…the mountains were playing peak a boo with me on the way to work today…we had a rather heavy fog…always adds a bit of mystery to me.

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