heron wings

Blue Heron by Gary Dorland

Early morning fog obscures the eastern ridge,
holding the dawning sun at bay-
resting its gray blanket across the still waters,
soft as the color of heron wings.

Warm fog obscures the bath’s mirror-
holding the real world at bay.
Resting your face against my neck-
softly our hair entwines, the color of heron wings.

*** for imaginary garden with real toads 55 word prompt and poets united poetry pantry

31 thoughts on “heron wings

  1. A very tender comparison here, with a softness of feathers and mist, but a warmth of real things as well; the two stanzas make very effective iterations/reflections of the original metaphor.

  2. This poem has such astounding beauty in both the imagery and the sounds. The parity of the images is just perfect.

    • We got this at a fund raiser for the Audubon society – silent auction – the photographer was there and signed it for me. I have subsequently changed whole color scheme in the house to match this beautiful bird – ended up being a very expensive purchase lol

  3. Oh my goodness! You and I have written so similarly, in some ways, though so differently in others! Spooky! I love your soft depiction of these lovers and birds.

    coal (Fireblossom in Word Press clothes)

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