tripping over the colors as the sky drops the sun

Sunset before new years eve 2011

dots of rainbows
speckle the iridescent carp
eying the watermelon
renaissance symphony
of gold and
light tab-
into water-
color motets
awaiting insignificant
lolling mouths
in strophic sequence
from descant to sullen
sonic waves
wafting to
and fro
across the pining

*** For dVerse poetics, a rather psychedelic description of an Ozarks sunset – Groovy!

11 thoughts on “tripping over the colors as the sky drops the sun

  1. first, take a breath…its not so bad…except the last stanza…ha….

    as i was writing the first 3 stanzas i left out the refrain lines so it was easy to see the words and reuse them in the 5-6 lines. for the last stanza i made a big word bank on a piece of paper to pull from…def not easy but…smiles…look forward to yours…

  2. The title alone on my blogroll had my fingers clicking away……..what a spectacular sunset. And the language of your poem is just beautiful – very fresh imagery, I love the watermelon skies.

  3. That truly is a beautiful portrait in words..of that auburn color above..
    i do love sunsets..and cherish every one..
    but’s late..
    there will be no sunrise
    seen for me..when daylight comes!
    smiles..and have a great day!2!:)!

  4. nice fluid imagery…it all just kinda rolls together…i like the blend of senses too…watercolor motets….the descant and sullen line is a turn line for me in this…now what is possibly in those contrails…and what we have put into the air to create the colors of the sunrise…well, that could get a little scary…smiles.

  5. I think it might be the sky that may be stoned, dropping the sun, kick starting the moon; any poem rife with motets is jake with me; who can ignore polyphonic pole-dancers?
    & yes, yes, one must pay attention to those strident strophic sequences, for they can go bat shit wild without supervision; you rocked the prompt; again.

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