oh those blue eyes

perched in the pale blue sky
the halfhearted moon gazes
from the stumblingdawn
but her eyes are not your eyes
(oh, those eyes, those blue eyes)

perched in the resinous cedar
tiny birds are charmed and
above your head
beguiled by your eyes
(oh, those blue eyes)

perched in my willing heart
you neither
wax nor wane
but waltz wholehearted and true
will you dance with me with those dancing eyes
(oh, those eyes)

perched silver crowned
once winsomeyouth and
barefooted minstrel
that cunning boy
still winks at me
from those blue eyes

(oh those blue eyes)

20 thoughts on “oh those blue eyes

  1. i love how you get so lost in those blue eyes and how i can feel the comfort they give you… we have a woman here in the workshop who has the most fascinating turquoise blue eyes i have ever seen in my whole life

  2. This is a lovely poem, Kathleen. It begs to be read aloud. And, yes, I agree there can be something about blue years…no matter how many years have passed they continue to have their strong appeal. Point well made, especially with the repetition.

  3. my my Kathleen..here are we at the end of the winding diverse words of wisdom…
    at dVERSE..


    and i do play with blue eyes too..

    in my way of seeing the souls
    of others





  4. I love the refrain of -those blue eyes – Kathleen ~ Goodness the magic works if he still winks at you from those blue eyes after all these years ~

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