strength of wings

ravens feather

She brings me a gift
of a ravens feather,
this pale child of my heart.
Her burdens are heavier
than a blackbirds cries
but she has the strength
of wings and flight.
This beloved child of my heart,
she brings me the gift
of a ravens feather.

*** For my beautiful niece, Kathleen Rose.

I was laughing this morning – Are we the only family that brings each other gifts of nests, feathers, stones, shells, bones – even cow teeth? There may be something odd with us – but we love all the beautiful bits of nature that we find.

18 thoughts on “strength of wings

  1. This is really very find gifts among nature’s bounty…I used to receive flowers from a couple of my students of grade three but they’re now teenagers and think of smile as the best gift which I appreciate too…

  2. My family does/did this too. Mom saved everything. When she got her etching press she began using it all. Very fine poem. I always thought feathers came to those who needed them.

  3. No, you’re not alone… I often wore in my hair feathers found by my children and stones in my pockets that they would always receive a “tale” from me when given to me or I to them… from what the gifts were for and from whence they came 🙂
    Your piece made me smile from ear to ear reading it and ended with a warm glow in my heart with the family practice.

  4. No, my family does the same–I find it perfectly normal! I recently brought home from work both a dried-out bat and dried-out hummingbird. One of the best Nature gifts in memory was an owl pellet, complete with several rodent claws embedded in the midst that my son brought in from the backyard. Lovely words here!

    • Good lord, Jeff – we must be related! Right now our favorite treasure is recent find of a tiny baby tortoise that had been completed cleaned by the ants – so we have tiny skull, tail and legs in the tiny shell- really cool – smiles – K – oh and thank you for your kind words, I appreciate you dropping by 🙂

  5. I so love this, the gift, the “burdens…heavier than a blackbird’s cries”, her “strength of wings and flight” and the love woven through each line. I love it that your family brings each other such gifts…..the very best kind!

  6. Hurray to the kids who can see beauty in what nature has to offer. A couple of weeks ago one of my nieces gave me some daisies she had picked up on the lawn. Your poem reminded me of this.

  7. This is beautiful really. I remember when my granddaughter gave me gifts of dandelions. Unfortunately I think she has outgrown this. A raven’s feather would be a most wonderful gift. Lucky you!

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