flinting the spark


a signal from a hill
in Germany, Scotland, Canada,
the US, Sweden ,
flints the spark that ignites a flame
burning so brightly
it rivals the stars
and quickly
from tor to crag
hillock to hügel
colina to butte
the sparks begin to rise
one after the other
until each glowing ember welcomes the next
and on and on and on
around the world
brilliant bonfires of words ignite
erupting from the inferno of inspiration

on these clear starry nights,
I wait
on my rocky Ozarks ridgetop
making sure my kindling is dry
and hoping the hickory and sassafras
will burn long and hot
I wait to see that first flicker
from across the miles
I wait to share
that spark
that blaze
these words

*** in honor of the dVerse Pub and its community of poets. May the fire of their words never be extinguished.

25 thoughts on “flinting the spark

  1. I love the image you present here. I can picture the blazes lighting up one by one around the world all ignited with a word. lovely.

  2. Ah, I like the idea of being united across continents by the blaze. Starting out as a small flame, we are all united in the blaze of words! One of my favorite ‘3rd anniversary’ poems!

  3. The sparks fly here and everywhere that connects–fireflies and bonfires and fireworks–dangerous, but never out of control. You are very much part of it for me. Fine writing.

  4. I love these words:
    “around the world
    brilliant bonfires of words ignite
    erupting from the inferno of inspiration”

    Hope these bonfires continue to burn always. Love your poem.

  5. I was thinking of the spark and fire in the LOTR too ~ I like how we are the spark of each other words ~ Your writing is effortlessly beautiful Kathleen ~ Thanks for being part of the community ~

  6. Hmm..well..

    what a twist..now i am last..
    you come before..so far..
    that is..
    but i got here..
    that’s all that counts i guess..

    oh wait..!
    forgot to read your poem…
    be back in a few….

    So i’m back..
    and yes..truly words of poetry
    can be like fire of light..

    blazing embers..that fly like the butterfly

    Changing the world..
    into a much..much brighter word!

  7. that is a cool visual…makes me think of the signal fires in lord of the rings….sending on ahead of the battle the warning that they are coming…only this time it is more the joy of poetry than a battle i hope….smiles…keep lighting the way!

  8. Not a bonfire of the vanities, but a spark of delight and an Olympic torch – yes! From my ‘montagne’ or ‘colline’ here’s a greeting to you too, Kathleen!

  9. thanks for sharing your spark from your hilltop as well kathleen… and heck yet – let’s set the world on fire with poetry and carry those words like an olympic torch

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