melodrama in the morning

June dawn

you leave without a kiss
and the morning sky blushes
at the slight-
as the spiteful south wind whispers
‘he’s left
he’s gone’
but not a word from the mourning doves
hushed by the evergreen cedars
the mournful song
as too imperfect
for the circumstance

*** A bit of drama in the early morning as a husband rushes off to work and a wife is left filling bird feeders in the backyard. Such drama, such heartbreak …. smiles K

5 thoughts on “melodrama in the morning

  1. I love the details you have included here to make your scene come alive. Ha, I think I would rather be the one filling bird feeders than the one rushing to work. Smiles.

  2. Well you can get into an argument or silent treatment or just maybe forget the whole thing and make a joke of it when he comes back ~ Hope it all works out fine, smiles ~

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