5 thoughts on “A Summers Day

    • Good morning, David – this made me laugh – just came in from the garden thinking – well, weedy but not too bad- looks good- violets, clover and all! my husband always says what he tries to kill in the lawn, I plant in my garden!
      The bank of Queen Annes is just over the ridge from us, west, overlooking the lake – beautiful in the evenings.
      Hope you and your crew are having a good summer – K

      • Haha, I have a poem that addresses the problem too, but mostly from the point of view that when my sons were young, I didn’t have time, or want to take the time to kill the pretty stuff in my yard. I suspect the neighbors were not amused.

        Yes, now that my schedule is starting to let up a bit, we have some lovely relaxing plans. Thank you, dear! Keep spreading the joy. 🙂

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