she is the river

she is the river
I float on infinite water
and wake with the smell
of her wildness in my hair

how many waters have I waded
rivers of my childhood
red, brazos, ouchita
their waters clear
their names liquid
sabine, elk, current
how many waters have I waded
rivers of my dreams
ganges, thames, nile
their waters dark
their names mystery
yukon, mekong, volga

drifting in the flow
she circumnavigates my forehead
and I spill my thoughts into her body
her strong sacred waters
mother of the seas
she is the river

16 thoughts on “she is the river

  1. The river is such a strong symbol.. and wading a river (or even a stream) you somehow feel connected to everything else.. sometime I just look down and wonder where will that water end up… and which path will it follow to an everlasting sea.

  2. Lovely, K … 🙂 The use of she is the river as an inclusio; the repetition ofthe question How many waters have I waded, the incantation of the names of rivers – fabulous and rich.

  3. rivers as mother of the seas is a unique and powerful image…and the river names mentioned in the poem seem to transcend the boundary of space and time…profound Kathleen…

  4. nice…grew up on the water, mostly lakes and rivers, the james, carvins, gollee, new, i rather like the marking of each river as a place in your life…and of those you wish for still to come…and the connection i feel in this kathleen…

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