the long way home

November Sunset

we took the long way home
following the hailstorm
front moving east across the ridges
deep blue clouds receded
thru the winding forest road
the smell of torn vegetation
leaves stripped from trees
limbs hanging, dangling from trunks
sun glared low in the west
an interloper in the woods
canopies opened to the harsh light
where just moments before
green shade thick with foliage
kept watch over the hidden hollows

she fell
energy stripped green from
dangling limbs
deep blue bruises an affront
with each movement
a clot, an interloper
questions unanswered
we search our way
through deep woods
traveling with her
on her long way home

7 thoughts on “the long way home

    • thanks, Barb – its been a tough couple of weeks – my mom lives with us and had another small stroke and fell – luckily nothing broken but terribly bruised and weak – we are all taking this journey with her – but it takes its toll – K

      • Awwww . . . . she is and each of you are in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))

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